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About X8 Drums

X8 Drums Mission Statement

The mission of X8 Drums & Percussion, Inc. is to provide our customers the ultimate interactive shopping experience of world percussion musical instruments. We are committed to providing superior customer service, strong product knowledge, exceptional video demos, and the best selection of high quality products.

Why Buy from X8 Drums?

Imagine, if you will, a group of people with different voices, temperaments, talents and vision, all connected together through shared history, memories and a love for music. Much like the endless selection of drums and percussion instruments we offer, X8 Drums is an eclectic, yet related collection of individuals all working together to create music and bring that experience to you.

X8 Drums at Community Drum Circle
X8 Drums hosts community drum circles in the Texas area.

Family-owned, X8 Drums is the result of a love story between a New York City rocker and a mild-mannered Web/Internet sage. With a shared passion for music, rhythm and all things percussion, Kristin and Mark have helped bring the world of ethnic hand drums into focus, delighting the public with sound and style, history, tradition and a modern focus on hand drumming. Where else but X8 Drums can you virtually recreate the experience of a fully-stocked world percussion showroom?

Feeding from the local flavor of Austin, TX, home of SXSW and the best music scene in the country, X8 Drums is dedicated to bringing quality products to our customers. From the ease of online ordering to the customer experience, our job is to help you make music, and we take that commitment very seriously. We speak drum. Literally. Dum-tak-slap. We test all of our products before adding them to the website, in order to help provide unsurpassed knowledge of our products and the best customer service possible.

When we say we walk to the beat of our own drum, we mean it. We don't just sell djembes and percussion instruments; we sell a life-long love of music and rhythm, and all the gooey deliciousness, hand-numbing, life-enhancing, feel-good richness and delight of drumming.

Check out the customer feedback page to find out what to expect when you are a part of X8 Drums.

About the X8 Logo

X8 DrumsOur logo tells all... The "X" (as in the way the brain is wired) and "8" (Infinity symbol) are deeply compelling and significant symbols that summarize the Cosmic Nature and Purpose of Drums and how they can harmonize and elevate the human nervous system.
Many thanks to Baba Issa for the interpretation.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the drums!

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